Prescription Drugs and Aging

I find it very strange that people over 65 have to pay so much money for the prescriptions even though they have prescription drugs insurance. The Drug Company wants to pay only $33.00 on a bill of $600.00 plus. And why are the doctors using such an expensive drug for seniors. Is it because it is the best for healing(an excuse that is used) or is it a way to make more money for some people. One woman suggested that people start to share medication when they have the same problem. What they will do is share which prescription they have and only one will buy the medicine.

Why does a doctor just write out a prescription and never wonder if the person can pay for it or not. Why is it that the doctor does not suggest different medicines that can do the job and let the patient know which one is within a certain cost range and can still do the job of healing. Then you can have respect for the doctor. Seniors should make a point of researching their medication on the internet. This way you will know if you can just use something else that is cheaper. I am coming to the conclusion that some doctors just don’t care.

We as insured consumers should call the doctor on this and see what is said. With seniors having a housing problem, food problems, basic inhome care problems what are the elected officials doing to combat some of these issues. When you vote, vote as if your life depends on it because it does.

Study Says Baby Boomers Chronic Illnesses Surpass Their Parents’

Baby Boomers are people that were born between 1946 and 1964. There were over 78 million born in this 18 year span. The Baby Boomers have proven to live a less active life than their parents, and due to this, they are suffering from more chronic diseases and disabilities.

A study done by JAMA International shows that Baby Boomers have higher blood pressure, higher cholesterol, and are more overweight. They tend to become sicker earlier in life and have a harder time getting better from these sicknesses. They are also more limited in what they can do for occupations and often need a cane or a walker much earlier in life to help them get around.

Now, if you fall into this category it is time to move. Join a walking group, join line dancing, zumba, or use a video and move your body, check out neighborhood exercise programs. Gas is high so walk to some of the events or take the bus. If we are sicker than our parents, WHO WILL TAKE CARE OF US? Do this for you, when was the last time you did something for yourself. Be selfish, I AM when it comes to my health.

Here is an example: I went to a funeral for an eighty plus year old man. I saw people my age that I would see going to work catching the bus. So many of them were on canes or walkers that once the funeral was over I went home. The sight was more than I could bare or wanted to believe. Everyone was looking for me and asked why I left. I did not have the heart to tell them the sight was to much for me to see with people my age aging so badly.

Let’s move it folks, we need to take charge of our own health. Do it for yourself. When you look in the mirrow each morning “say I want to live healthy” then do it. Add more fruit and veggies to your diet and join some friends for a community walk.


Another year another birthday

Do we really think of the time that we spend on this earth as seconds, minutes, hours or days? Do we think that we have all of the time in the world. I spoke with a lady who is 101 years old. She said that she gives thanks each morning when she wake up. Most of us are in to big of a hurry to thank that which delivered us through the night.
I often wonder what does it feel like to be on Earth over 100 years? What are the thoughts of a person that age? Some are in their right frame of mind and remembers everything. One thing that most talk about are their parents and the things that they did when they were kids.
It amazes me how excited and funny they think the things were when they were kids. When they talk about it they always have a big grin on their face as if they got away with something.

Sister’s Aging As They Please

So we are all getting a little older. How well do you think you are doing this? Are you a sister with an attitude? Or are you allowing old father time and nature to take its course. Well not me I am going out with a bang. If I see some wrinkles I am going to make sure I take care of that. Put a little dye in my hair to cover the wisdom that come with gray hair. Then I am going to sculpture my body to fit that of a fifty year old and the nearest fashion store I can find here I come. I will update my wardrobe, get me some tight-fitting jeans, high heel boots and start to sway a little when I walk. I am bound to have a few heads turn then. Sisters you have got to live a little, love a little an enjoy life before it is all to late. Kick up you heels and let the good times roll just once more.

Make sure you have your health insurance and Medical so there is no looking back. I know by now you know how to fix a health snack so go for it. One glass of wine a day and the night is on. Who said we had to sit in our rockers and watch the sun go down. We can be in the clubs and watch the sun come up. Well ladies let’s show some of these folks that we are not dead yet. Continue reading

Housing As You Age

The house that you built years ago for yourself is now outdated for your needs today. How are you going to age in place within a home that you own? Will you have money to remodel to make adjustments for your needs or will you have to move? As a senior myself I would think that if we are building home now, we should be thinking of how we are going to grow into our homes as we age.

If you build a home with a master bedroom on a second level, then think of putting a smaller room on the first floor for when your life change and you can not get up the stairs. Or we should buy homes that are ranch style so that it will accomodate us for as long as we live. I know we like to have the fancy stairways and at the time we are thinking with a young mind. But as we age we see where we went wrong in our selection of housing because our needs have changed.

We could sell our homes and move into senior housing where we will have assisted living. But most seniors would like to age in place in their homes. First it is the place where most of their memories are, second it is cheaper because most of the time the house is paid for already, third most of your friends, neighbors, social life and church might be left behind.

You must make sure that you get your house is refitted for aging. You might want to have a taller toilet, have knobs that will not be a problem to open cabinets. How high are your cabinets to reach, are there any throw rugs that you might trip on? Can you get into the bathtub or do you have a walkin shower.

Aging While Black

It is of importance that I write an article on “Aging While Black”. African American’s are top of the list with things that are bad and on the bottom of the list with things that are good. Especially when it comes to health. We have a high rate of chronic illness that can be corrected with diet and exercise. We must make it a top priorty of taking care of ourselves. We are poorer than everyone else, sicker than everyone else, move our bodies less than everyone else, unemployed more than anyone else, unhoused or do not have housing more than anyone else. When obesity was classified as a disease blacks were on top of the list. I was reading an article on glacoma and Africian Americans have this disease more than other races but no one knows why.

This is something that need the attention of black health care professionals. They need to go into their community and take better care of the people. Why did they go to college and get professional skills if they did not plan to come back to their communities and help people.

There should be health clinics in underserved communities so that the community can go there and get the services that they need without having to travel to a place where doctors are not experenced with wworking with this population


Are you ready for retirement? The question is being asked daily as people reach the magic retirement age. If you did not make much money while working what type of a retirement do you think you will have? Do you have Social Security, 401K and a pension to draw on in retirement? Or do you plan to continue to work after retirement? An Economist said that a person need to have three sources of income. If you worked only one job and did not have extra income it will become hard to survive.

Most aging seniors are moving together to make ends meet or at least wave at each other. This would be a great set up if you own a home and do not mind sharing a living space. If you share housing you will not have to move from your home. And you will have someone there for companionship and you will not be lonely or isolated. I have found as people grow older they long for company or something to do or someplace to go.


Walking Is Good For Your Health

We formed a neighborhood walking group a year ago. It was to get people out of their homes so that they would not be isolated, depressed, obese and unhealthy. One year later there are more smiles, weight has been lost, friends have been made. We have visited streets that we never would have gone on if we were driving. In other words we are discovering our neighborhood.

Some people lived in the same house for forty years and never been to one of the neighborhood parks. We stopped off there because we were walking and wanted to see what it looked like now that they had made some improvements. Or like the day we visited a construction site of Habitat for Humanity to see what was going on. Some of the walkers had never been to a construction site before. We are learning new things about where we live and we will not see the place where we live the same again.

This is why I say walking is good for your health, it shape the body and sharpen the mind.

Walking For Life

Did you ever think of taking a stroll each day can add years to your life. Well think again it does. When you see older people walking do you think they are walking because they can not afford to take a bus. No they are walking to give their limbs a work out. They are putting a little stress on their heart. The best medicine for living is getting your move on and walk. One thing for sure if you walk enough you will sleep better at night. And suffer from less depression and isolation. You will discover your neighborhood and see things that you would not normally see if you are driving. Try it and take a few friends along with you.

Do You Trust Your Doctor?

Many people do not go to the doctor because they do not trust them. I just finished reading an article about how doctors are biased against minorities. If they feel that way why don’t they just go and put a sign up and say Hey we do not treat you. Now that people know this how are they going to get medical treatment and know that the doctor has their best interest at heart. With the new Health Care Laws how will this effect our use of the medical team where we seek service.  If there was an alternative to use we would be better off. Some health insurance have their own list of doctors that you can see. If you do not use them then they will not pay. We need to advocate more for a choice of who we trust and want to see. Right now the dentist I use is not part of my health plan. So when I go to see him I have to pay out of my pocket. I have been going to this dentist for over 20 years but the health plan I have does not recognize him as a service provider for their plan.